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Please note that the way we measure the distance from home to school is by straight line, from the address point of the pupils house, to the nearest school gate available for pupils to use. Other admission authorities including Academies and foundation, trust and voluntary aided schools may use different rules. Please contact the schools you are interested in for details.

You can also email schooladmissions@surreycc.gov.uk if you have further queries

Welcome to Surrey Smart Online.

Please note that distances are measured in miles. If more than one school appears to be equidistant (in miles) to your home address, we use the measurements in metres listed for each school

Out-County, Grammar & Voluntary Aided Schools (Catholic and Church of England) will not generally give priority to local children and as such most will not be taken into account when assessing under nearest school criteria. However there are exceptions and for full details of which schools will be treated as a nearest school you should have a look at Surrey's School Admission booklets. For full details of each school's admissions criteria you should either contact the school direct or the appropriate Local Authority.

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